Representation and consolidation of social rights and interests of the rural population in Hohenlohe through:

  • Legal advice for farmers
  • Retirement and social advice
  • Representation of interests vis-à-vis business and economy, administration and politics
  • Education and training

Protection and promotion of rural and agricultural forms of life and culture through:

  • Promotion of indigenous rural culture
  • Exhibitions, readings and cultural events on issues from the area of agricultural and rural culture
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience with a focus on indigenous knowledge and orally transmitted cultural processes

Education and edification of the rural population through:

  • Instruction and adult education
  • Conveying knowledge of regional development strategies for the rural region
  • Providing information about organic farming as well as sustainable and future-viable land cultivation strategies, including biodynamic and Vedic agricultural systems
  • Providing information about ethics in economics and the system of solidarity economy
  • Assistance with education and work opportunities in developing and threshold countries