Congress "Global Peasants Rights"

The “Haus der Bauern” foundation will organise an international congress on the issue of “peasants’ rights” from 8-10 March 2017, which will be attended by lobbyists for small farmers worldwide as well as representatives of international organisations and numerous stakeholders.



The 'Global Peasants' Rights' congress sheds light on the situation of small scale farmers and the rural population around the world, draws public attention to the importance of peasants for sustainable local and regional production of food in agro ecological quality and emphasizes the need to protect their rights and their indigenous knowledge.


The goal of the congress is twofold: to increase awareness of the situation and the requirements of international small farmers and to support the UN working group for the development of a “Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas”.


The “Haus der Bauern” foundation therefore contributes to coordinated actions together with other organisations and stakeholders such as La Via Campesina, Brot für die Welt and FIAN whose goal is to promote this urgent project in the responsible UN committees.


More information:

Ansprache José Graziano da Silva, FAO

1. Organic Forum 07.03.2017

Global Peasants Rights Congress 08.03.2017

Farmers Dinner 08.03.2017

GPRC-Excursions 09.03.2017

GPRC-Workshops 09.03.2017

GPRC-Conclusion 10.03.2017

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